Handmade Tea Soap


Handcrafted bar soap with the delicate smell of White Tea. Limited quantity while supplies last.

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This is a handmade soap. It cleans you.

These are completely homemade, and size, shape, and colors may vary. These bars are a minimum of 2 ounces. The size is generally an oval mold. The open side is very textured and varied based on how the individual pours worked out before the bars cured.

Ingredients: Oil Blend (Olive, coconut, organic and sustainably grown Palm, Sweet Almond, and Castor Seed), Water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Fragrance, and Colorants. (Premium includes Cochin Masala Chai.) The colorants are two micas and a pigment that include the following things Polyester 3, Acid red 92, Mica, titanium dioxide, manganese violet, and iron oxide. The fragrance oil used is White Tea. Note, the oils used to make this soap are all non-animal source. The Palm oil comes from organic and sustainable sources. Palm oil greatly improves the soaps qualities. Our intention is to make sure we are sourcing it responsibly.

Lye is used to make soap. It is impossible to make soap without lye. The only other way to make soap without using lye is to use a soap base that someone else used lye to make. Calculations are done so during the soap making process, the lye and oils combine to change into something that is neither lye nor oil (it’s Soap). When mixing, an excess of oil is used. This assures the lye is all converted to soap and makes the bars feel softer.

For best results, between uses, keep soap in a dry location out of water (a soap dish with drainage is optimal). Note, this contains tea, so be aware of what surfaces you leave the soap on to avoid staining.

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