Teas are not created equally. From one estate to the next, social and environmental standards can vary greatly. Our providers are committed to working only with growers and manufacturers who demonstrate a commitment to social ethics and sustainability.

Fair Treatment & Trading: Our principal providers’ annual tea-buying missions provide them with the opportunity to inspect the factories and estates we work with. Their checklist includes:

  • Zero tolerance for child and/or slave labor
  • Fair worker compensation
  • Respect for the labor force
  • Free housing, education, and health care
  • Reinvestment in infrastructure
  • Strong community relationships

Habitat Conservation: Habitat conservation is good for the environment and for growing tea. Nutrients in the soil are maintained, creating a healthier foundation for a luxury grade tea leaf. Also, the healthier the habitat, the greater the crop yields for our farmers. Our providers look for tea farms with a working Environmental Management System that includes:

  • Conservation of the Ecosystem
  • Integrated Crop Management
  • Soil Management and Conservation
  • Wildlife Protection Policies
  • Water Conservation
  • Integrated Waste Management