Time for a Hot Tea Toddy

With a bit of a chill still lingering in the cool Midwestern evening, a steaming good beverage is the best way to relax. The only thing better than a hot cup of tea is a cup spiked with something extra. The simplest solution for adding a little alcohol to your favorite tea is a shakeup of the classic Hot Toddy. Here are a few of our suggestions for pairing up the right spirit with the most complimentary brew. Just pour the liquor into a mug with a touch of honey and a squeeze of lemon, then pour the tea over the top. You can even try it over ice when the weather finally warms up!

Black Tea and Rum: Select a favorite classic black tea, like our beloved English breakfast or dark Organic Assam, as a perfect accompaniment to rum. Rum’s naturally sweet flavor blunts the black tea’s bitterness, while whiskey and similar spirits can emphasize its astringency.

Green Tea and Whiskey: While not necessarily the healthiest way to enjoy green tea, the flavor is truly worth it. Try our smooth Japanese Sencha Kakagawa or a smoky Genmaicha Yamasaki tea to add a savory quality to the whisky that makes it ideal for sipping or pairing with dinner.

Early Grey and Bourbon: Though blended from black teas, our delicious Earl Grey boasts an aromatic bergamot oil that would certainly pair wonderfully with rum, but works well with sweet bourbon to balance out its sharper edges. Be sure to garnish with an orange slice.

Chai and Rye Whiskey or Irish Cream: Similarly, spicy rye whiskey and chai tea shared a few excellent characteristics. All you need is our robust Cochin Masala Chai and maybe a hint of sugar to complete the flavor. Or for something creamier, try a spiked Vanilla Chai latte with Irish Cream.

Chamomile and Gin or Vodka: Floral flavors are simply made to go together. Try infusing a calming Egyptian Camomile directly into your gin, which you can then use in pretty much any gin cocktail you like. For a hot cocktail, top your gin with a hot pour of Spiced Ginger Chamomile and honey. And if you’re not feeling quite so floral, try pairing it with vodka.

Have a recipe of your own? Feel free to share! And if you try one of our delectable pairings – or, I dare say on this cool spring evening, more than one – let us know all about it!

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